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What's up whats up! Want to help me reach 10,000 fans?
We're only 121 fans away from hitting 10,000!
You can enter your name and email to join and GET "DaCure" album
[22 songs] FREE in your email! [its 10.00 on itunes] Hell yeah!

Ahhhhhhh, hold up, you're not convinced?
Fuck yeah !!
Have you played my music? If so, It's an honor to be included among the many things that you guys like to do throughout your day. I never thought, but always believed that
I would one day find a special way to reach my goals and accomplish the many things I've always wanted to. Reaching my supporters and family {you}
has always been a challenge I loved to take. It's always on my mind. I will walk 1,000 miles to reach you and it doesnt stop there. I will do everything in my ability to
keep my music motivating and inspiring you!

I challenge my self to inspire your thoughts with every release. Every song, every project, and every message I put out.

I want to explain how this works ! When you enter your name & email ill get a notification on my phone saying that you joined my family!
About 4 seconds later you will receive an email with a download link to my full professional discrography.

That's about 90 songs that I loved creating over the past few years.
I wont include the underground releases/tapes though! If you want me to send you that, reply to that same email
saying "yo where are the unreleased tapes at!?" and I will respond with a download link to download those! :)

You'll automatically be added to my fan list and you will be notified everytime I put a new project out!
Which wont be often. Im a perfectionist and I almost never do as good as I want to. So it takes me some time!