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6 Reasons You Might Really Enjoy My Music:

Published on Thursday, 05 January 2017 17:42
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6 Reasons You Might Really Enjoy My Music:

6 Reasons You Might Really Enjoy My Music
1: People say Twenty flows like Bonethugs & Harmony, with a voice like SPM and beats like Three 6 Mafia. Funny to say; I grew up listening to all that. One huge accomplishment: I worked with Three 6 Mafia's Koopsta Knicca before he passed [RIP], so im extremely attached to that song! Feel free to hit play while you read through all 6 Reaons below!
"Twenty - Test Ya Luck ft. Koopsta Knicca"

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2: You may realize that it's direct. If you like some of the most minimalistic songs out there, half of my discography is very simplistic. People say it's warm with strong bass, sharp drums, and short samples that help you remember the song. Technical stuff that they love to hear.
3: It isn't for dumb people though. Verses are a little more wordy. I try not to leave any spaces between words like mainstream "rappers" such as Big Sean and Wiz Khalifa. That's because I love tongue twisters and on-going verses. So no 12 bar verses from me!
4: Another reason why you might enjoy you some Twenty: You're tired of THIN music. You want something heavy and FULL..
THIN = quick mixtapes that unsigned rappers make with no initial plan that come and go.
FULL = albums/projects that are produced on a strong frame that meets you like an actually person who you become friends with for life! Music that you can always call when you're feeling down and need someone to take you out to have some fun!.
5: You love to drink, smoke weed, and drink while listening to music! Most of Twenty's music is written during or after a drinking session. We usually drink anything but we prefer Mexican imported beer like Modelos & Coronas, and lots of 40oz's!  How do I want my fans to feel? I want to reassure them that this music will show them how to host the best chill sessions ever! (and that it’s easy with beer and women!).
6: You're one of those music lovers that love listening to music on Spotify! You fall asleep listening to the music on repeat and wake up happily with the music playing low. Most likely with a hangover.




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