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TWENTY - Hangin | Now Never

Published on Saturday, 05 November 2016 19:52
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Hangin was the first song i did with single vocals.. meaning no overdubs no adlibs.. i just went straight with it.. i remember i was on Drake street in Logan Square i always took walks around midnight i would sneek out the back door so i wouldnt scare anyone with any noise while they was sleepin.. i would walk all over the neighborhood n i remember thinkin "hangin on the city streets of the chi.." n after i got back home to write , that was the first line i wrote to it.. finished it off about an hour later and got set up to record it..
the next day i released it as a draft on MySpace and got good traction.. it was just a rough draft and i wanted to see how people felt about it.. got 2,000 plays in the first 24 hours.. n that pushed me to keep working on the next instead of pulling it back just to perfect it.. i went from rough draft to official release without any revisions..
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