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TWENTY - I Wanna Murda | TWENTYtapes

Published on Saturday, 05 November 2016 17:52
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I Wanna Murda was recorded during a fued we had against a rap group from the south suburbs.. we're from the city.. northside.. so when we heard of these dudes coming at us with diss tracks from outside the city we had to bring it to them.. we got together with the Twizted Mindz from down in Alsip IL. We sat down for about an hour and wrote the entire song.. we set up the same day and had the song released within the same day..

The sample we used was from Rosemary's Baby.. i ran upon that track and i knew it was gonna be something special.. i even revisited the sample numerous times for Look 4 Me and Pt.2 of the same track between 2011 and 2012.. it might even be sampled in the future.. the rightholders need to hit me up ill be more than happy to clear the sample!
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