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TWENTY - Lil Freaky Thang | Now Never

Published on Monday, 07 November 2016 13:37
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i felt too good finishing this song up.. this was the first time i had a girl on the track.. even though she was my girlfriend at the time, it was tight.. this was me around the time i was finally seeing some results in the game.. had a few girls over, started receiving a lot of krazy requests from female friends and like any other dude, well i felt like a player.. it took me around 120 to 150 takes to finally finish the 2nd verse.. it was super hard for me cuzz of the fast flows in it..
i had this walk-on closet with all my clothes hung up and a lot of my stuff stashed in that room.. i set up to record, it took me about 13 hours to record the song.. it turned out to be the song that helped me gain a lot of confidence in believing in the music, it helped me realize what was possible..

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