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InspiredBy - JayteKz

Published on Sunday, 09 August 2015 02:18
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He loves to make ART using sound as the paint! Being able to touch and inspire people! Making people happy.
That moment when he helps his fans fully connect with his performances, making all their worries and troubles disappear!

JayteKz is known to be one of today's most influential and inspiring hip hop artists coming out of Chicago IL. One that moves you. In a place where Hip Hop consists of mostly violent and self-degrading raps. And although the hype stays within the drill and trap scene in the southside, JayteKz has yet to follow after anyone else's footsteps. We all know people who have told us to do this or that because it's "HOT", and JayteKz is not one to be excluded from those who have been told, but yet; he always seems to find a way to keep him self focused in a more positive direction, one that has helped hundreds of hip hop fans in our latest generation.

That's something not no one can ever take from him, and we truly hope he continues to keep it real, which I strongly believe he will.. Some people get to where they want to be and suddenly everything is taken for granted, because they are satisfied. But JayteKz shows us otherwise, an artist who stays hungry no matter what!




He's come a long way, I remember knowing him when he was starting out, doing videos with his homeboy Day-Vee.. Only about 100 friends who supported him. He really did start from nothing. He inspires the most out here in the northside of Chicago. Proving that with a little determination and a story to tell, you can do anything. Staying humble, he has released a number of solos and remix/covers that have helped him establish a fanbase. And one thing that we can all see is that he has organically grown his fanbase all on his own and that's just the type of artist that will last a lifetime. That's the type of artist that will still be around in 10 years.



The Hip Hop scene is changing quickly and surely things are going to fall to shyt.. But we know who the survivors will be, and JayteKz is believed to be one of those artists who will last through any disaster and live to see the aftermath. All his fans ask is; for him to keep putting out consistent original projects under his JayteKz brand. JayteKz has shown us all that it is possible to express ourselves without compromising the truth.. He triggers our passion, and has proven to us that creativity has no cost, yet affects us all more than any product we can purchase! All while keeping things humble, all while keeping things realistic.. That's JayteKz for you!




I will never get over how blessed I am to have you become a part of my life..Real talk. You all give me purpose & a reason to smile. I love you all, with all my heart.

Posted by Joel Serrano on Thursday, August 6, 2015


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