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[DaCure] 10 - Hangin On Da Streets

Published on Monday, 21 July 2014 23:19
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Hangin On Da Streets:

Chorus by Yogee:
"Hangin on da streets"

Verse by Twenty:
Hangin' on da city streets of the Chi
Killas wanna bless
Cuzz I stay away from them bustas
And im never on that mess
We da best
When it done comes to layin down
Layin down a fuckin' clown
Lil Yogi be cheefin up to a murafuckin pound
Yogee Bear up on that chorus
Tippin' on that 40 ounce junt
Keepin them purple colors poppin' up
Like we on Texas bump
Not on lean, not on codeine
But we throwed down when we feelin' mean
Load them Glocks and we chop yall fools
End up screwed up like ya never seen
Hi hats rollin' to one Twenty on tempo for them
GLP kicks, GLP snares
GLP beats still representin' da CTPz
Bumpin shyt to fuck yall eardrums up and
Im talkin serious slang
Bitches we ain't barrin' you hoes
All yall punks who tryna' hang..

Chorus by Yogee:
"Hangin on da streets"




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