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Published on Thursday, 22 November 2018 10:36
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elb the ridge to albany park cuzz:
elb the ridge to albany park cuzz:
elb the ridge to albany park cuzz:
elb the ridge to albany park cuzz:


pregamin is like the activity for me to start about early in the day so well,
pass me just another them beers to my brotha i recline the seat a bit- do me so well
i skip me up all of the stressin, teach me a lesson bout this chillin session,
but no matter now what is the plan there is always some bull shyt that they had to question,
answer my question tho,
can u help me, relieve all the anger inside of me,
in past of these several months im avoidin to touch any more of this syrupy lean,
never the type to do any the drugs,
the most that i did was some angel dust,
blunts that i smoked and i never knew that it was lazed,
-splashin the mud in my face,
rather just drink me a bit of that wine and recline,
inside of my studio room,
just let us turn off all the lights,
i give u the right to get high,
just really dont pass it to me cuzz the potent green leaf made me feel like im fillin a void
losin my mind and a little distortion the rocket fuel got me so paranoid
with the body distortions, such as the feelin ya weightless n feelin so numb,
dont give me the trank- that "hog", - never none of that ozone dawg
them dippers and waters to that super grass..
and pass it to me and im whoopin that ass
watch out for any to laze out cha blunt when u smoking to choke tellin fools to just passl the drugs




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