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Twenty - Da Beginnin [Album]

Published on Saturday, 19 December 2015 17:54
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Twenty - Da Beginnin
released 02 June 2009

After a couple of albums released under no label, Twenty dropped his 3rd original project Da Beginnin', which was in no doubt just the beginnin' of Twenty's independence. The album consists of many dark tunes, with a sense of melancholy and anger, this tape gives a sense of heaviness. It was a first attempt at creating a full length album, and a success as well.

The original 2008 release had 21 tracks in it. Some tracks were later replaced, and later removed due to Twenty's idea to shape his sound and brand in a way that not many will be able to track down. Or can they? A simple Google search might help you find those unreleased tracks. You just need to know a little Twenty history before knowing what exactly to type on that Google search bar!

From Intro to Outro, this release might make you want to start rapping yourself. Just know, Twenty was 16 at the date of its original release, and this rapping thing; well it's not for everyone.

Release date: 02 June 2008 | Re-release date 16 January 2014

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