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Twenty - DaCure [Album]

released 02 August 2013

Twenty is releasing his fourth full-length album, DaCure. Multi-genre producer born and radummyised in Chicago, Illinois whose personal motto reads: “stay true to your sound”, is owner of the TwentyTapes brand. Well known for his sharp 808s, which come from the original 1980 Roland TR-808 Machine, the twentysomething year old has collaborations with other stellar artists like Three 6 Mafia's Koopsta Knicca [RIP]. With a resonant sound that seamlessly and effortlessly combines the perfect amount of bass, bounce and sharpness. DaCure becomes palatable to many.

The album has an overwhelming gangster vibe to it – heavy and dark, soft and beautiful. As Twenty draws the soundscape for this project from some inspiring streets in his life, the sounds come through as traits: chill, angry & thuggish, grounded & driven, loving & unconditional.

“During the course of the year I probably spent making this, I was coming up in the college environment. Meeting girls, making friends, new homies, new hoes.. Campus was insane, I put all those things into this project..” - TWENTY

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Photography: Edgar Arroyo | Mixing & Mastering: Twenty
Executive Produced by Twenty