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Twenty - Now Never [Album]

Published on Friday, 18 December 2015 00:42
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Twenty - Now Never
released 02 June 2010

Now Never catches you off guard with its potential to really change the way you feel about the underground. Twenty did his thing, overlaying his Twenty brand to this re-release, Now Never is remastered after 5 years of complete brand transformation. Inspired by the Elbridge street feel, the potholes, the people that strolled past the never-changing street Twenty grew up in. Logan Square's debut, some may say. Twenty's Now Never album is a milestone, one that put Twenty to the test and introduced him to the new digital era, which in those days was only fresh.

Sharp drums, a flow like Bonethugs & Harmony. Rage like an old Three 6 Mafia posse song. A dark menacing theme that plays well during the days of Halloween celebration. Simple bass lines that keep your earbuds from staying in. Now Never is sure to keep you coming back to Twenty's discography for more. Unless you're a bit more of a modern day hipster who wears dreads and tight jeans. This tape is for the young cats who desire the hardcore rap sound.

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